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Identity understands how important it is for organisations to find the right resourcing partner and believes finding that partner holds the key to successful recruitment.

Identity’s approach is about having a select number of clients with whom we are able to build strong relationships that can help them develop coherent recruitment policies. We try to keep the number of clients low so we can provide them with the time, commitment, level of service and consistency required for success.

Our understanding of the market place through industry experience gained over 12 years provides us with the knowledge to give practical advice on all recruitment matters.

Today's companies place great importance on their culture and it starts with their people. We make it our business to understand and embrace our clients’ culture (“identity”) and begin our candidate selection based on assessing the individuals’ identity to match that of the clients’.

The combination of culture, corporate, technical and business fit can be difficult to find in one person. We are positioned to identify each of these aspects in candidates and bring them to our clients through effective recruitment strategies.
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